Finally The Number One Skill You *Must* Master If You Want To Seduce Straight Men

Get this one right and straight cock will flow like cheap champagne at trailer park wedding...

You see, as I mentioned before, gay men are used to getting everything the easy way.

Go to a sex club, pick up in under 10 minutes. We get lazy, we forget the game, we forget the sutble signs...

The thing about seducing straight blokes is that they don't know any of the gay rules, they only know the straight rules and even then it doesn't mean they are know how to use them!

For successful straight guy seduction you need to go back to the basics and learn the fine art of the courtship dance, well so to speak.

You see there could be a wry smile, a quitely spoken "fuck I'm horny" with that glint in the eye that gets me hard in an instant... Or perhaps the sweetest phrase in the world, "fuck it's boring here, let's go have some beers at my place."

That phrase my friend has gotten me more straight cock then I ever imagined.

It's almost like catching a straight guy is like landing a marlin. There is a game, there is give and there is take, sure you might be letting out the line a little but you know, that you are going to be reeling this big one in, and eating it up all before he knows what has happened.

Want to know what is even better?  Set the situation right and they will just plain jump into your boat! You just had to have the bait right.

You just need to master the signals, the gentle pull, that subtle dropped hint that most guys miss.

It's all about fine tuning your gaydar, trust me when you have this one right you will be pulling in sex like it was going out of fashion - and if you treat them right... they will come back for more and more and even more...

So mate, one of the best places I have found to start is to get back in touch with those subtle signals that might have been forgotten since highschool.

Back when I was younger (and a massive porn head) there was an awesome article from Honcho magazine that went over the basics of how to fine tune your gaydar. I have kept a photocopy of this baby for 19 years...

Here's the deal, I have scanned it in and it's right here for you to download, 100% free.

No strings attatched, nothing.

Just click on the image below and you can dowload it straight to your hardrive.

I recommend you print this out, read it more then once. When you have mastered this skill you will be amazed at the huge amount of signals you might have been missing!

Fine Tune Your Gaydar

 Click on the image above to download this file to your computer.

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